Restauration de fiches objets et empreintes de sceaux des sites de Thasos et Dikili Tash

After the appearance of woodworm in a wooden cabinet in the manuscript archive in December 2016, conservation and cleaning treatment were performed at the book and paper conservation lab of the EFA on two archives: one from Dikili Tash and one with records relating to material from Thassos excavations. The files came to the lab in four green card boxes, two wooden cases and two cardboard shoeboxes.

Fig. 1 and 2: the archives in their old boxes and wooden cases before cleaning (2020) /
cl. V. Fazou, EFA

Cleaning work was carried out throughout the files with Japanese brushes, archival vacuum cleaner, document cleaning pads and foam erasers. In part of the files, there was a strong presence of mold with extensive deterioration of paper.

Fig. 3: cards with missing parts before restoration (2020) / cl. V. Fazou, EFA

Conservation and restoration work has been done on eleven bulletins from the file, which had extensive paper losses from humidity and mold. In those cases, restoration work was carried out with fillings of Japanese paper and Methyl Hydroxyl Ethyl Cellulose, a neutral pH water reversible adhesive. After the conservation treatments, the bulletins were placed in archival polyester clear pockets.

Fig. 4 to 9: cards after restoration (2020) / cl. V. Fazou, EFA

Five red wax seals were also part of those archives. They were placed in archival polyester clear pockets and then put in archival storage drop spine box, made in custom dimensions, in order to be protected.

Fig. 10 to 15: wax seals before and after restoration, with custom-made box (2020) / cl. V. Fazou, EFA

There were also five copies of seal stamps in the contents of the files. They used to be stuck on a piece of cardboard inside an old stationery box. From the traces of the glue at the original packet, it seems that there was one more seal, that was lost over time. They were placed in a custom made archive display box, with an archival quality polyester window on the lid, for safe viewing of the material without direct handling.

Fig. 16 to 18: copies of seal stamps and custom-made box, before and after restoration (2020) / cl. V. Fazou, EFA

After the conservation and restoration treatments, for best protection the entire file was placed in suitable archival boxes with lids.

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